10 Tips to Winning Her Respect

Dating, like most things in life, can best be described as “a game”.

More specifically, it is a co-op game where both “players” need to achieve their goal for the game to be successful.

What are these goals? 

Well, despite all the differences between both genders, despite all the Feminism vs Anti-feminism nonsense flying around online and offline, the goals of both men and women are actually the same – to win the other person’s respect. 

Whether it’s a physical respect when looking for a strictly physical relationship, or a personal respect when looking for something more – that depends. 

But either way, each side strives to earn the respect of the other.

So, how do we go about doing that? Getting respect for your physique is easy – several months at the gym and a strict diet, and you’ll be all set.

Getting her to respect you as a person – now this is the tricky part.Don’t worry, however. 

Success in the dating scene may feel increasingly complicated in recent years – do we hold the door, do we not hold the door? 

Do we pay the bill, do we not pay the bill? – but when looked at its core, the process of winning a woman’s admiration and respect is still the same process it’s been for generations.

And this is precisely the way we’re going to look at things – at their core. 

So, unlike the countless tips and advice online on what actions and surface behavior women like, here we’re going to talk about the core personality traits you need to nurture, emphasize, and display in order to easily win the respect of any woman within moments.

1.Display confidence. Yes, we’re starting with the “big one”. Obviously, trying to display confidence is far harder than it sounds, especially when you don’t feel like having any to begin with. Getting more confident in more and more areas of your life is a crucial point, however – without it, you won’t reach success in the dating scene unless you get really lucky. How exactly you’ll go about it is a deeply personal question – if you suffer from full-blown anxiety then you’ll need a lot of time and effort.And the trouble doesn’t end there – often times we fail at displaying our confidence even when we actually have it. That’s where a lot of those “surface tips” we mentioned come in – humor, for example, is lauded as one of the biggest turn-ons for most women – why is this so? Precisely because it displays confidence! It shows her that you’re not afraid to take a chance. Generosity towards strangers is another turn-on for that reason, as is opening up, to name a few.

2.Display a speck of dominance. Obviously, we’re not talking about an aggressive and physical display of dominance. Pop-culture is filled with examples of over-dominant assholes that don’t know when to take a step back – that’s not what we’re talking about here. Dominance over situations, however, in its pure form, is a huge turn-on for most women – it shows her that you know what you’re doing and that you can be confident even in weird situations. And it’s actually pretty easy to do – simply make sure to have a plan for the date, make sure to use the right body language and to make suggestions, instead of just asking questions.

3.Show her that you can be empathetic. “Empathy” is one of those words that are overly-mystified in recent years. Even movies make it sound like almost a magical power. In reality, empathy is just the better alternative of sympathy. Where sympathy is showing someone that you understand and acknowledge their troubles, empathy is showing them that you also feel their pain. And for women, that’s actually an enormous plus, particularly when they are looking for a longer relationship. That’s why refraining from giving advices and just listening (really listening) to them is one of the best things a guy can do on a date.

4.Don’t be afraid to open up a little. Showing vulnerability, especially on a first date, is generally regarded as a big No-No for a man. After all, we’re supposed to be “the strong ones”, right? Well, we are, but displaying a little vulnerability actually works towards that goal, not against it. Showing vulnerability is actually considered “a brave thing to do” by women and rightfully so – it is usually difficult to do. And women know this better than men, that’s why they are so happy when they see it. Now, of course, we’re not implying that you should spill all your guts on a first date – that’s the actual “big No-No”. Giving her a peak of your weaker side, however – that’s often a winning move.

5.Don’t hesitate to challenge her. You can’t hope to win a woman’s respect by being servile, can you? That’s why it’s important to be a bit challenging when dating – as we said, success in dating is a game, and easy games are boring. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should be a pain in the ass or that you should get into a heated argument of your very first date – not at all. To challenge her simply means to show her that you are your own man and that while you’ll be respectful of her and her opinions, you’ll still have yours.

6.Behave rich. It’s a sad reality that the cliché that “women are impressed mostly by money” is still so widespread. And that cliché exists, not because people are stupid but because there’s a grain of truth in it – women are impressed by men who behave rich. Now, are there “Gold-diggers” out there? Yes, of course. However, here we’re talking about the non-gold-digging majority. And while for them money is not the main priority, a man that can “act rich”, is still a huge turn on. Leaving a tip, giving money to a homeless person, dressing properly – little things like that show her that you’re a man that has confidence in his financial situation, regardless of what it is.

7.Be driven. There are few things, even on this list, that can win a woman’s respect faster than being a man with a mission. Whatever that mission is – maybe you’ve started your own firm, maybe you’re saving for starting your own project, maybe you’re writing, maybe you’re studying for a big future career, maybe you’re just training your body for a marathon – regardless of what your mission is, simply having one and actively following it instantly gets you “all the respect-points”.And by having a mission we don’t mean that you should constantly be talking about it – simply having it, mentioning it once or twice, and answering a couple of questions about it, is more than enough to earn any woman’s respect.

8.Display your competencies. Being confident may be important, but being confident without a reason will only make you look silly. That’s why women like men that seem handy, that can drive, that have hobbies, that seem like good professionals, that are knowledgeable, etc. – because there confidence is most likely justified. After all, there should be a reason for her respect, right?

9.Being apologetic is not a bad thing. No one likes a jackass, so when you screw up it shows character to say you're sorry. You shouldn't, however, be completely broken up about it. Don’t beat yourself over every mistake, don’t rehash previous mishaps that’ve been long-forgotten by her. Simply put – one “sorry” is enough.

10.Last but not least, try and be spontaneous when dating. This is one of the more ignored and underestimated things a guy can do to quickly earn a women’s respect. Having a plan for the night is great, but coming up with this plan spontaneously and on the spot is even greater. Spontaneity shows her that you’re being confident in your actions, that you’re competent with your ideas, and that you’re not afraid to be in control. Or in other words, spontaneity is one of the best respect-winning cocktails out there.

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