5 Reasons Why Women Cheat (Emotional Connection is Just the Tip of the Iceberg!)

When a man and a woman enter into a relationship, both are expected to be loyal to each other.

But when one of them goes astray, it’s the man that’s usually assumed to be the guilty party. 

Most cultures are more forgiving towards men when it comes to cheating as women are generally believed to be more loyal than men.

That may no longer be the case in the 21st century. 

A Kinsey Institute at Indiana University report suggests that women cheat as much as men. 

NYmag.com cites two reasons for this change. 

It says the internet made it easier to find another partner, giving women the opportunity to discreetly connect with men other than their partners online. 

In terms of work, more women are also becoming the main income earner in the household, so they no longer feel the need to depend on men and are therefore much more comfortable to take risks outside the relationship. 

Both these reasons for the shift explain why men and women have achieved an almost equal status when it comes to infidelity, but these doesn’t really tell you why women cheat in the first place. 

Why Women Cheat

So what causes women to cheat? 

The most common reason is the lack of emotional connection. Women seek intimacy from various factors in the relationship like sex, verbal expression of feelings, giving of gifts, compliments, and others. 

However, if you dig deeper, there are other reasons for her infidelity that may catch you by surprise: 

Here are 5 more reasons why women cheat:

1. She seeks validation. 

Women who have low self-esteem may look for approval through romantic or sexual encounters, according to Psychology Today. They get a boost of confidence from men who make them feel attractive and wanted. In the early stages of the relationship, this wouldn’t be a problem, but once the man gets too comfortable and fails to make his partner feel desirable as often as he used to, the woman with a low self-esteem may start looking for validation somewhere else.

2. She wants to get out of a bad relationship. 

Cheating women may be doing this to get out of a bad marriage, suggests an article on WebMD. April Masini, a relationship expert, shares in an article on Askmen that women are more likely to cheat when they sense that their current relationship is about to end because they want to avoid facing the issue and they’re using cheating as a distraction. The act of infidelity is used either as a source of distraction or comfort when the current relationship is in trouble. 

3. Lack of sex. 

How much sex a woman needs differs from one person to another, but one thing is certain: women are just as sexual as men. If her sexual needs aren’t met, then she begins to seek filling this need with another man. Unmet sexual needs can also make the woman feel unattractive. Both men and women should be clear about their expectations in the bedroom and how to ensure that both of their needs are met.

4. It’s not clear to her where your relationship is going. 

If you’ve been together for some time and you moved in with her, she might start feeling too comfortable to the point of boredom. That level of familiarity where you no longer make an effort to keep the fire burning can make the prospect of meeting and dating another person seem exciting. Also, if she feels that your relationship is not leading to the next level, i.e, engagement or marriage, then the temptation to cheat may become harder to resist.

5. Revenge. 

If the woman feels you cheated on her or you’re not treating her right according to her expectations, then she may attempt to get even by starting an affair. It’s her way to get even, to get your attention, or to get out of the relationship. So you if you don’t want her to cheat, don’t commit this mistake, too.

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