Are you a shining example of male body language yet… or do you think you still have some work to do?

Here’s the thing: If you’re walking through town during the day, and girls aren’t staring at you as you walk by… or they’re not approaching you when you’re standing still… or they don’t giggle when you talk to them… then you have LOTS of room for improvement.

If you haven’t mastered confident body language yet, it’s not your fault – it takes time.

But you’d better start now. Here are the six aspects of male body language every guy needs to develop – and the sooner, the better!

The 6 Aspects of Good Male Body Language

#1: Walk and Posture. Ever heard of “alpha male body language?” It’s basically the kind of body language that lets people around you know that you’re powerful… you’ve got purpose… and that other men defer to your authority. And you do it without saying a single word.

Needless to say, girls feel absolutely DRAWN to guys with that kind of body language. If they had to choose between a guy with alpha male body language… and a guy who doesn’t… all other things being equal, they’d definitely choose the first guy. You want to be that guy.

So start getting used to doing the following:

·Don’t slouch, and instead keep your back straight..

·Don’t walk too quickly unless absolutely necessary. 

Take slow, measured strides – like you’re in complete control over your day, and you’re in no rush.

·No downcast eyes. Keep your eyes up, looking the world in the face.

·When walking, don’t sway your hips – sway your shoulders, instead.

Also, when you’re chatting with a girl you’re interested in, take note of the orientation of your body in relation to hers. If she seems bored or uninterested in you, turn your body slightly away from her (e.g. a 90-degree angle so she’s facing your side). 

But if she IS interested in you, turn your body closer to facing her.

Why? Because it’s a nonverbal way of saying who’s “chasing” who in the interaction. And one of the goals of confident male body language is to make women chase you, trying to win your approval and acceptance, instead of the other way around.

#2: Positioning of Your Arms. This one’s relatively easy – you just got to remember to keep them uncrossed. Crossing your arms is a sign that you feel insecure, or like you’re in no mood to interact with anyone. Needless to say, you’ll be very unapproachable.Take note: Good male body language makes you look open and approachable.So instead of looking like you don’t belong there, keep your arms uncrossed and at your sides. It makes you look more confident AND approachable, and girls who want to know you better won’t hesitate to do so.

#3: Eye Contact. Some aspects of male body language can be faked, while others can’t. For instance, while it’s possible to fake a confident walk and posture, it’s near-impossible to fake confident eye contact. The ability to hold a beautiful woman’s gaze is a true sign of confidence.

But it doesn’t stop there. Confident eye contact isn’t just about the ability to hold her gaze – it’s also about knowing when to BREAK eye contact. Basically:

·You make eye contact when you’re talking to her, or when she’s talking to you about something you find interesting, or when you like the direction the conversation is taking·

You BREAK eye contact when she’s talking to you about something you DON’T find interesting, or when the conversation is going in a direction you don’t want it toIsn’t it disrespectful to break eye contact with a girl who’s talking to you? 

Actually, it isn’t – you’re simply conveying the fact that you’re a powerful, confident guy who does what he wants. You’re always the one with the upper hand in the interaction, and she needs to make YOU like her… not the other way around.

And besides, if she feels disrespected by male body language, that’s her problem. And you probably wouldn’t want to date an overly-sensitive girl like her, anyway.

#4: Smile. An easy, confident smile tells women that:

·You’re friendly and trustworthy

·You’re not about to judge her or put her in any danger

·You don’t feel intimidated by her presence

What’s the right way to smile? Check out how some male celebrities – especially the ones really popular with the ladies – smile. Think of Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson’s toothy grins, or the lopsided smiles of Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp. They rely on good male body language to make a living, and they’ve likely spent hours practicing their smiles.Likewise, practice different kinds of smiles while chatting with women, and see which kinds they respond most positively to.

#5: Touch. This is quite possibly the pinnacle of alpha male body language. 

If you don’t know how to touch a woman, you probably won’t go anywhere in the dating game. Women won’t feel attracted to you, they’ll put you in their friend zones, or they’ll simply think you’re weak and insecure.

Make no mistake: The ability to touch girls is a crucial, non-negotiable requirement for dating and/or bedding women!

The key is to touch early, touch often. As soon as you meet her, go shake her hand, or give her a high-five, or pull her in for a one-armed hug. This gets her thinking that it’s “okay” if you touched her, and she’ll be more receptive to your touches later on, even as you touch her in increasingly sensual ways.

On the other hand, if you don’t touch her early on during the date, she’ll feel shocked when you touch her later on – it’s out of the blue, and it gets her wondering if you’re up to something.

So remember this foremost rule of male body language: Touch early, touch often.

#6: Tone of Voice. A truly masculine voice sounds powerful, yet calming and reassuring at the same time. It evokes the feeling of strength and control. It makes the people chill out, knowing there’s a guy in the room – you – who’s got everything under control.

Developing a manly tone of voice takes some time and practice, and it builds off the other aspects of good male body language. Start by eliminating the following:

·A nasal whine. Watch an episode of Family Guy. Does your voice sound like Peter Griffin’s, or does it sound more like Joe Swanson’s? If it’s more of the former, then you have a nasal whine. Train yourself to sound a little more like Joe.

·Talking very quickly. It’s a sign of nervousness and insecurity. Control yourself, speak more slowly and clearly, using as few words as possible. Remember: Strength and control.

·Laughing nervously at the end of your sentences. This breaks tension, so it’s helpful when you’re chatting with a nervous girl. But when chatting with a girl you like, it makes you look weak and out-of-control. Not good.

Want to learn how to talk like an alpha male? 

Then get rid of the whiny qualities listed above, and develop a tone of voice that’s fuller and manlier. You’ll want the kind of voice that, when women hear it, they turn to see who’s speaking.

Start Developing Alpha Male Body Language Now

Take a look at the six aspects of good male body language discussed in this article. Which aspect(s) do you currently lack? What can you work on NOW to instantly make you more confident and attractive – enough to make girls notice you, feel drawn to you, and approach you? Pick one and get started – there’s no time to lose!

As one of the most powerful tools of seduction, eye contact is incredibly sexy. It shows off your confidence, while also letting the chemistry boil between you two.

So, the next time you’re alone with her, take a moment to appreciate her presence and look into her eyes.

You can even set the mood by complimenting her smile or eyes; at this moment, it’ll feel natural to lean in for a kiss.

Just make sure to establish a healthy level of eye contact. You don’t want to appear creepy or over-eager; too much intensity can kill off her desire. Don’t force it!

1. Eye Contact

If you’re a funny jokester, it’s always fun to make the first kiss a playful moment.

Since guys are usually the ones to initiate the kiss, be the one who’s different, and dare her to make the first move.

You can bait her in a cheeky way by saying something like, “you know, usually i’d want to kiss you first, but I love a girl who takes control.” Right away, you’ve challenged her, which creates sexual tension.

2. Dare Her To Make The First Move

She may feel a little shy about it, but if she likes you, chances are she’ll kiss you.

Another funny way to snag a kiss is to turn the moment into a game.

For instance, if you have a little disagreement during one of your conversations, you can bet her that you’re right to win a kiss.

You can also create silly maneuvers like playing “paper, scissors, rocks” in exchange for a kiss. This approach takes most of the pressure off and makes the experience a lot more carefree.

3. Make it a Game

The good old “hug and smooch” tactic is one of the most classic ways to snatch a first kiss.

After the date is done, you’ll lean in for a hug and hold on long enough to slowly move your lips near her face.

She’ll likely stay frozen, expecting you to kiss her, allowing the fireworks begin!

So, while you’re still in the hugging position, smoothly swivel your face to kiss her and let the chemistry take care of itself!

4. Hug and Smooch

You need to have rockhard confidence to make this strategy work for you.

If you’re too shy or soft-spoken to say this outright to her, “I’m really dying to kiss you”, then don’t bother doing it at all! You’ll risk coming across as awkward and perhaps a little too thirsty.

But, if you can say this while maintaining a calm and suave demeanor, she’ll be putty in your hands.

Women adore men who are self-assured and bold, in healthy doses. So, when in doubt, just straight up tell her you want to kiss!

Find the strategy that matches your personality and dating style. It’s important for the moment to feel natural, so not only is it amazing, but you leave her craving more!

5. Straight Up Ask

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