6 Signs to Know She's Ready to be Kissed

What’s a date without some hot lip action?

Well, probably not a very good one. The first kiss is the tell-tale indicator of sexual chemistry. 

And while it’s tempting to rush the moment, maybe grab her hair and go in for a juicy wet one, there’s always a chance she’s not ready. 

Lame. If you’ve ever been rejected for a first kiss, you know that ego-sucking feeling of driving back home in shame. 

Make sure this embarrassment never happens to you by learning these 6 signs she’s ready to be kissed. 

1. Gauge Her Gaze.

Whether you’re schmoozing over dinner, or letting her kick your butt in beachside volleyball, pay attention to her eyes. At any point, does she look over at you and hold your gaze? Even after the conversation has ended or after she’s served that winning spike, do her playful eyes stay locked on yours for longer than the norm? You’ll feel it if they do. She’s showing you that she’s ready to be kissed.

2. See If Her Eyes Get a Mouthful.

How about after any of those extended gazes - do her eyes look quickly down at your mouth? That’s a really strong indicator she’s ready for a sampling of your lips. She’ll probably even smile coyly, which lets you know a kiss is on the table.

3. Kill the Space Between You

Remember that old classic move of the fake yawn, followed by stretching your arms around the girl’s shoulder? Good. Think about that guy. And make sure you’re never him. Instead, find creative ways to close the space between you two. Maybe you’re at a wine bar or lounge; see if you can slowly slide over as the conversation starts to get good. Just don’t start out by gropping her thigh -- too much too soon, pal.

4. Did You Test Your Touch?

Every once in awhile, and I mean every once in a while, brush her hand with yours. Touch, even the most subtle form, can be extremely powerful and sexy. This little hints will make her wonder what the rest of you feels like and secretly hope for more. Once the chemistry starts building, a kiss will feel right for you both.

5. Watch Out for a Goodbye Pause

You know the scenario: you’re in front of her place, you’ve said your goodbyes and thanked each other for a great time. Does she pause and stand still even though she could’ve just given a quick wave and jogged up her steps? Stay alert for that moment. It might be the spark you need to know she’s ready to be kissed. 

6. How’s Your Hug?

If you still can’t judge her goodbye pause, but you kind of think she might be wanting more, experiment with a hug. Put your arm out, making it obvious you’re going in for just a hug. Whisper softly in her ear that you had a great time. Pull back slowly. Watch where her eyes go. If they head for your eyes or lips, that’s a green light, boys.

Well, there you have it. 

It’s mostly in the eyes and the amount of space between you. Her body language will let you know if she’s just shy or not interested. 

Truth be told, you just have to follow your instincts. 

People tend to know when others are squirmy or looking to make a break for it. 

Let these 6 cues be your indicators and then give her a kiss that will leave her all hot and bothered. 

So, enjoy testing the waters! And don’t tread too lightly!

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