8 Ways to Prevent Her From Cheating On You

If there’s one real relationship-killer, it’s cheating. Cheating on your partner is the ultimate form of deception, which destroys trust—one of the foundations of any strong relationship. Once the trust is gone, it would be hard to get it and the relationship back on track.

The bad news is, women are now cheating as much as men and 50 percent of married women cheat on their partners at some point in their marriage.

But here’s the good news: You can cheat-proof your relationship. You can stop the affair before it happens. You can prevent your girlfriend from cheating and from becoming unfaithful to you. So before you start worrying and becoming paranoid, learn how to stop cheating before it happens. 

How to Prevent Her From Cheating

Here are eight ways to prevent her from cheating:

1. Understand why she may cheat. The most common reason why women cheat is they seek emotional connection. But remember that there is more to it than just the desire for emotional connection. 

We have listed down other reasons why women cheat, including the need for validation, the desire to get out of a bad relationship, lack of sex, revenge, and lack of clarity on where the relationship is going. Recognizing these factors is the first step to stop the affair before it happens.

2. Be there for her. Physical presence isn’t enough to create deep emotional connection. To truly connect with her, you need to make time to communicate with her and listen to what she is saying. 

You need to go beyond the words and observe her emotions. Check the tone of her voice, her gestures, and the feelings behind the story. Ask what, how, and why questions that show you’re interested in her story and that her desires are important to you as well. Affirm her by nodding or by simply reacting to her stories. Avoid rushing her or cutting her off while she’s still talking.

3. Surprise her. When you both get too comfortable with each other after being together for some time and especially after moving in together, the air of mystery starts to dissolve and overfamiliarity begins to set in. 

Remember that women seek validation in a relationship and so when it starts to get too familiar and boring, she might interpret it as as sign that you no longer find her attractive. Make her feel as desirable and as wanted as the first time you met her by finding ways to surprise her. You can give her gifts without waiting for special occasions, take her out to dates that are not part of your routine, genuinely compliment her on an ordinary day, or introduce a new routine to the bedroom. 

4. Use her love language. Needless to say, you need to tell her you love her every chance you get. But this doesn’t always have to be done in a verbal way. Gary Chapman, popular marriage counselor and bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages, outlines the five ways men and women feel loved: through giving gifts, spending quality time, giving words of affirmation, doing acts of service or devotion, and touching physically. 

Find out what your partner’s love language is and use this as a strategy to express your love daily in a way that she would actually understand and appreciate.

5. Know what she wants in the bedroom department.  Women are just as as sexual as you are. The problem is, not all women are vocal about what they want in bed, even if you ask them to tell you what they desire. 

The best way to know how to satisfy her sexually is to experiment. See which techniques elicit the most pleasure from her. You can see if she likes the act in her facial expression and in her physical reaction. When she arches her back or draws you near to her, she’s subtly telling you that she enjoys it and she wants you to continue whatever you’re doing.

6. Touch her. Touching her in a non-sexual way often shows her that you care about her and that you want her. Hold her hand, hug her or caress the small part of her back. This is also an easy way to establish emotional connection. Trina Read, a Calgary-based sexologist says in Best Health that doing this increases oxytocin, the happy and bonding hormone.

7. Be clear about your plans for her. If you’re serious about her, let her know that you have long-term plans for your relationship. Talk about your plans for the future and include her in them as much as you can. 

8. Know her expectations. Another thing you need to be clear about are her expectations. What does she expect from you and your relationship? She may not tell you about this, but some women expect her man to exceed or at least match her level of success or income. 

A study by the University of Washington cited by Men’s Health suggests that people who get $75,000 or more in earnings annually were 1.5 more likely to engage in extramarital sex than those who get less than $30,000. If it comes to a point where she becomes more successful and earns more than you do, celebrate her achievements to make her feel you’re proud of her. When she feels valued, she won’t feel the need to seek this kind of validation somewhere else.

All relationships have their own share of problems and challenges, but cheating doesn’t have to be one of them. Stop cheating in its tracks with the eight tips above.

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