How to Squash Approach Anxiety

Do you suffer from approach anxiety?

Do you feel scared or nervous whenever you see a pretty girl you want to approach, and end up NOT approaching at all? 

If you do, then this article is for you. 

Here are some fast, simple ways for you to beat approach anxiety and start meeting more women.

The main cause is fear – or more specifically, the fear of being judged by a woman and being found wanting. No guy likes to be rejected – it makes you feel like a loser. And even if it’s also possible she WON’T reject you, and will actually LIKE you… the fear of that bad feeling is more than enough to make you NOT approach her.

But here’s the thing: If a girl does reject you, most times it’s NOT your fault:

1.She might be busy when you approached

2.She might have been running late

3.She might have been meeting someone

4.She might already be taken

5.She didn’t like something you said or did – but not you, personally

Not too bad, right? But still, approach anxiety is enough to keep your love life mired in inactivity. You’ll be single, lonely, and increasingly desperate as the years go by.

Don’t wait until that happens. Here’s how to get rid of the fear of rejection.

What Causes Approach Anxiety?

The key is to find a fear or desire that’s much stronger than your fear of being rejected. For example:

1. The fear of being single and lonely for the rest of your life if you don’t start approaching women now

2. The desire to meet a beautiful, wonderful woman who’s absolutely crazy about you, too – and then dating her, sleeping with her, and even marrying her

These should scare or motivate you enough to get over your approach anxiety almost instantly!

What’s more, here are a few more approach anxiety exercises to help you along:

#1: Just Do One Minute. Ever noticed that when you force yourself to do something scary, the fear starts to fade away after a minute or so, and it actually starts becoming fun? Approaching women is like that. Just do one minute, and the rest becomes so much easier.

#2: Imagine Success. A good way to overcome approach anxiety (or any other fear, for that matter) is to imagine what it would be like if you actually succeeded. For instance, she might feel flattered… or she might find you incredibly confident… or your chat might lead to a date, or sex, or both… that sort of thing.

#3: Simplify Your Goals. You might be jinxing yourself by aiming too high – such as hoping for same-day/night sex. Simplify your goals a bit – just aim to get her number, or just aim to see if she’s as interesting as she is pretty. Then slowly work your way up to bigger goals.

That’s how to beat approach anxiety. It’s easy when (1) you know WHY you’re afraid, (2) when you have a bigger fear/desire, and (3) when you relentlessly work to build your confidence and enthusiasm. Now go out and meet some girls today.

Approach Anxiety Exercises

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