Why Are Women Attracted to Men with Good Body Language?

Ah, body language!

One of the most-talked-about factors in dating that's still one of the biggest sticking points for most men.

A lot has been said about body language over the years – you pretty much haven’t been on the internet enough if you have never heard about the famous 7%-38%-55% Rule of communication. 

It was first formulated by Albert Mehrabian, an American Professor Emeritus of Psychology. Mehrabian postulated that 7% of the information we get from face-to-face communication comes from a person’s relative impact of words, 38% comes from their tone of voice, and a whopping 55% comes from their body language. 

Yes, 93% of the things and notions we get from talking with people are irrelevant from their actual words.

So, if we had to give a short answer to “Why are women attracted to men with good body language?” we could simply say that it’s because people are attracted to people with good body language. 

Does that sound like a cop-out answer? 

Sorry. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

Mehrabian’s “Rule of communication” may have turned into somewhat of a cliché, but it is still valid. 

People are capable of over 700,000 signs, over 5,000 distinct hand gestures, over 250,000 facial expressions, and over 1,000 different postures. 

That’s a lot more than the words in our vocabulary. Quite simply, humans are visual beings. 

When presented with mixed visual and audial signals, we’re physically wired to always trust our eyes. 

And in communication, our eyes see people’s body language.

So, if you’re trying to sound confident, but you are also slouching, any woman will simply get the impression that you lack confidence. Pretty much regardless of what you say.

So what can men do? 

What is the right body language that turns her on? 

Are there any secret physical seduction techniques that will turn your dating life around?

Well, secret techniques – no not really. 

But if you haven’t given your body language much thought, there are some things that you need to consider. If body language is the chief tool of proper communication, then your body language should be defined by what you want to communicate. 

Simply put, if you want women to be attracted to you and your body language, you need to learn to talk through your body. 

Therefore, your body language should reflect your intentions.

•Are you looking for a strictly physical relationship and simply want to seduce her? 

In that case, your body language should reflect your confidence in your physical prowess, it should stress your good physical fitness, and it should imply your skill in controlling your body. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that you should just run around, flashing your biceps to any woman you meet – accenting your body language doesn’t mean turning into a cartoon. 

It does mean, however, that you should have good control over your body, and that is displayed by countless little cues that women subconsciously pick up on. 

Here are some examples:

-When presented with a joke about your physical skills, do you get defensive, or do you confidently get involved in the joke?

-If you’re clumsy with your hands that shows that you’re probably clumsy overall.

-Are your general movements rough and unrefined?

-Do you look her in the eyes when talking?

-Are you nervous about physical contact? 

-Do you hesitate to touch her elbow, shoulder, or back?

-Are you slouching?And so on, and so on. 

Most physical seduction techniques simply boil down to physical sales techniques – if you want women to be attracted to your body, you have to “sell” her your body language.

•If instead, you’re looking for something more than a physical relationship, then things can get a bit tricky. Selling your physical prowess is easy, but when it comes to your character and personality things get much more subjective. 

Some women are looking for overly confident stereotypical guys that give them the sense of “protection”. Others are tired of this kind of men and are looking for someone that’s more laid back. 

Most women are attracted to more extroverted behavior, while others prefer more introverted, calm men.

So, that being said, there aren’t any general practical tips that can make all women attracted to your body language in terms of your personality and character. Instead, you have two main roads of action:

-Figure out what behavior she likes and what particular body language turns her on. Then simply try to emulate that. 

The problem with this line of action is that if you’re looking for a long-term relationship then you should either be willing to change your personality, or you’ll be in for a lot of “faking”.-Just try and be you. 

This may sound like a dumb advice – “Well, I AM me, there is no need to try!”, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. 

Too often we let our body language fail us in terms of how we present ourselves. 

Sometimes we subconsciously try to compensate for our lack of confidence by bragging, and other times we are being too modest and actually hide our confidence and competencies.

Try and minimize that as much as possible – get your body language in line with your personality. As we said above, try and talk honestly with your body. 

If you simply display your character truthfully through your body language and if that character is likable enough, then sooner or later you’re going to find “the right one”.

That should about sum things up. 

Sorry, if you were looking for more direct “Do this and you’ll win her over” techniques – the fact of the matter is that women are just too different and trying to overgeneralize them would be both dishonest and impractical. 

And the several general tips that can be said about attractive body language are universal and are true even outside of the dating scene – display confidence, be open, be friendly, don’t constrain her, accent your physicality. 

Apply those principles to your body language and pretty soon you’ll find out that a lot of women are getting attracted to your body language.

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